Closed Labor Day: PRO and MFR MLS Help Desk

In observance of Labor Day, the Pinellas Realtor® Organization will be closed on Monday, September 5. We will re-open on Tuesday, September 6 at 8:30 a.m.

My Florida Regional MLS will also be closed Monday, September 5. The Help Desk will re-open on Tuesday, September 6 at 7:30 a.m.

If you experience an outage with any products and services including but not limited to MLXchange, iMapp, MongoFax, etc. please email

MLS: Short-Term rentals in MLXchange – update

If you have Short-Term rental listings (i.e. “Long-Term”=”No” for Rentals):
There are three new fields in MLXchange that are specifically for Short-Term rental properties. As a result, your follow-up is needed.
The new fields are called “Last Date Available,” “Weeks Available 2011” and “Weeks Available 2012.” These fields are located on the bottom of Listing Maintenance for Rentals.
Here’s where your follow-up is needed: For existing, as well as any new, Short-Term rental properties, please plan to populate at least one of these fields, as soon as possible, with the appropriate information, regarding either the date your Short-Term rental is no longer available (“Last Date Available”) or the weeks your Short-Term rental is available (“Weeks Available 2011” or “Weeks Available 2012”).
Please note: Within the next couple weeks, populating one of these fields will be required for all new Short-Term rental listings or any current Short-Term rental listings that you edit.
Suggestion: If you’re looking for a “Last Date Available,” you can use the current expiration date of the listing.

Why are these fields being added? 
Within the next *couple weeks, rentals, including Short-Term rentals, are being added to
That’s right, when a consumer visits they will see a Rental section that will give them the opportunity to search for Short-Term rentals using an “Arrive” and “Depart” date.
Population of the new fields in MLXchange will ensure that when a consumer visits, looking for a Short-Term rental, they will be able to enter the “Depart” date and your Short-Term rental will potentially meet their needs (if falling between the dates they’re looking for).
Another suggestion: Use the “Last Date Available” field in conjunction with the “Weeks Available” fields to outline all of the times the property is available for rent.
*Please note: The timeframe for exact implementation of rentals and some other enhancements is still being finalized. More than anything, we wanted to let you know in advance so you had time to update one or more of the new Short-Term rental fields in MLXchange before the changes to take effect.

Please plan to update these fields in MLXchange, as the property availability changes (i.e. due to reservations that are made). These updates will then cycle over to, giving your potential renters updated information!

MLS: PH Status Rule Change


Time to upload required listing photo(s) changing from seven business days to three business days.

Beginning on Tuesday, August 2, the amount of time allowed for a listing without the required photo(s) is changing from seven business days to three business days. This means any listings that don’t have the required photo(s) after three business days will be purged from MLXchange.

Additionally, if a listing was entered prior to August 2 and has been without the required photo(s) for longer than three business days, then that listing will be immediately purged on August 2.

So, please take the time now to make sure all of your listings have the required photo(s) by the close of business on August 1.

New MLXchange Reports!

Brought to you by PROTech…

Once again PROTech, your in-house technology specialists, steps up to fill the needs of PRO members by creating 2 all fields residential reports. These reports contain all fields entered on a residential listing, following the flow of MFR’s residential listing form.

The 2 reports are named “Data Entry Form Report” and “Data Entry Form Short.”

Need a special report for use in the MLS? Custom reports creation is among the many low-cost services offered by PROTech.

Call them at 727.344.PROS (7767) or visit their website for more information.


Updates to IMAPP made TODAY

IMAPP public records now include mortgage history!
IMAPP announced several released and upgrades to their public records system today:

  • Mortgage history for Pinellas, Hillsborough and Pasco Counties in the Sales Information section of the tax reports
  • Users now have options in the “Show Report” sections of the parcel reports to enable/disable the view/print of
    1. All Sales
    2. Only Most Recent Sale
    3. Show Mortgage Details
    4. Entire Sales Information section
  • Zip Code sorting of search results
  • Millage Rate has been added to the “Value” information section of the tax reports for Pinellas County. This information is already available for other MFR counties.
  • Tax Authority (Municipality or Unincorporated) has been added to the “Value” information section of the tax reports.
  • Users may now search by both State and County Use Codes (except in Lee and Pasco counties where that information is not available)

In addition, IMAPP is currently working on resolution of a reported issue where the email link of the tax reports is only displaying the header, not the tax data or map.
UPDATE: This issue has been resolved as of 6-23-11 3:01pm

MLS Update – November 2010

jan-closeup-reduced-6-9-092By Jan Dean, Director of Information Services


I wanted to re-print the recent Florida Realtors article below because our MLS department has received phone calls from members regarding real estate brokers charging fees for short sale mitigation work in addition to their real estate commission.  Please familiarize yourself with this issue and the link to the legal center where FR attorneys have addresses several questions along these lines.


Short Sale Mitigation Fees & Chapter 494

Recently we have had a uptick in the number of questions posed about fees relating to short sale mitigation fees.  It has come to our attention that the Office of Financial Regulation is investigating Real Estate Brokers who charge fees for short sale mitigation work in addition to their real estate commission.  Any brokerage charging these fees should have private legal counsel review their fee structure as it relates to Chapter 494 of the Florida Statutes.  Florida Realtors has done a Q&A on the subject which can be found here:  It is important to remember that every situation is different and if a member has a specific question they should be encouraged to either contact the legal hotline or email us directly from the link (login is required.)