To: Realtors From: Affiliate Chairman

Dear PRO/CPAR Realtor & Broker Partners,

Hoping this finds you well and in great spirit as we embark on this wonderful New Year!

My name is John Barcelo and I write on behalf of the PRO/CPAR Affiliate Business Partners program. I am lucky enough to serve as Chairman for 2018/2019 and we wanted to wish everyone a very prosperous and happy 2019, as well as share with you some of the recent changes we have made with the ABP program.

After the recent merger of our organizations, we embraced some 110 new Affiliates to the combined entity, bringing our total over 600 members. We proudly boast we are thr largest Affiliate program in the USA and certainly the only one that has their own 11-member Board of Directors, 4 Full-Time Mentors and 2 dedicated staff personnel in support of the program.

We so appreciate the support afforded us over the past decade when we re-started the program with some 35 members. We all owe so very much to our past Chairman, a man who dedicated more time and effort than could ever be measured. We are immensely grateful to him and all the other people that have helped us become the thriving and generous support mechanism we are intended to be.

To that end, we feel a great responsibility to continue to foster the ABP program to even greater heights in ways that directly benefit our entire membership. The ABP Board has made a material change in its structure. No longer will the Chairman wield full control. The Board collectively will make all decisions by voting quorum. The Chairman will serve a 2-year term, with the Vice Chair as successor at each 2-year interval. This will allow for continuity while insuring new thoughts and ideas are constantly being brought in. Dylan Barrie from Rocks Moving Company will succeed me at the end of this year.

Inside the Board, we have mirrored our ABP Board seats very similarly to the other councils, creating Community Outreach, Member Engagement, Events, Council Relations, and CPAR committees. Two Board members are tasked in each committee and will take on additional member volunteers to support our host of annual events, educational seminars, cook-outs, socials and parties!

Another major accomplishment to start the new year is the Affiliates dedicated website. You will find an updated, mobile and desk-top friendly search platform that is far easier and convenient than the printed book. The web platform opens a nearly infinite level of possibilities for advertising and communication. Such as our easily downloadable Affiliate Calendar – in just a couple clicks, you can import our entire annual calendar right into yours.

Not only were we able to create a much-improved method of locating the Affiliates, the web platform allows the ABP program to create income streams that insure our continued ability to provide free and low-cost events that benefit our Agent and Broker partners.

We also want to remind or alert everyone to our monthly Pitch Sessions – the first one of 2019:

Thu, Jan 24, 2019 10:30am – 12:00pm @ PRO   Email your listings to Kim Simmons

We look forward to seeing you there!

Best wishes on a wonderful New Year!

Kindest regards,

John Barcelo
Affiliate Chairman