New to PRO: Member Support Center

The staff at PRO work hard every day to help our members become more productive and profitable. We highly value all 8,000+ of our members, and we are excited to announce that we’ve created a new space in our building that’s all about them – the Member Support Center! Our members are at the core of everything we do, and now we have a dedicated space that exemplifies that. 

The new Member Support Center opened Monday, August 14. Members who come into PRO for help will now be greeted by Diana, our Member Concierge. She will point you in the direction of whatever class or meeting you’re here for, or to the Member Support Center where you will be able to comfortably sit when you meet with one of our Member Liaisons (Cherie, Stella, Stacy, or Deanna) for service. No more standing in the busy lobby! The service you will receive will be personalized and efficient as always, but now it will be a bit more private. If you need to wait a moment to sit with a liaison, take advantage of our comfortable lounge area and have a cup of coffee, water, or soda. 

Will you join us the week of September 11 for our Member Support Center Open House Week? Stop in the Member Support Center and say hi, and enjoy donuts and sweet treats (while they last!) compliments of PRO. We look forward to welcoming you!

One thought on “New to PRO: Member Support Center

  1. This sounds good that you thought of us in this way. However, I’ve always been helped when I’ve asked for help from help with the copier, questions about a transaction, google, etc. Thanks!

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