FREC changes license renewal requirements to include ethics

The 14-hour requirement to renew a Fla. real estate license hasn’t increased, but a 3-hour Ethics and Business Practices course is mandatory after Oct. 1, 2017. Florida real estate licensees must complete the Ethics and Business Practices course in order to renew their real estate license.

Under the continuing education 14-hour requirement, three of the required hours must now include an Ethics and Business Practices course approved by the Florida Real Estate Commission (FREC). Licensees who must renew in the first cycle next year – the one ending on March 31, 2018 – will be impacted first in the continuing education requirement addressed in 3.009(2)(b), but the requirement is ongoing and applicable to all license renewals after that date.

Once effective, a real estate license renewal must include:
3-hour Core Law course
3-hour Ethics and Business Practices course
8-hours of Specialty courses (which may include a 2nd Core Law course)

The change does not impact post-education requirements, which apply to renewal of an initial license.

Code of Ethics and Florida license renewal

In some cases, the National Association of Realtors®’ (NAR) Code of Ethics requirement every two years can do double-duty as a CE course for license renewal.

“As long as the Code of Ethics course that Realtors complete to meet their biennial NAR ethics requirement is taken during the licensee’s renewal cycle and approved by FREC as a 3-hour Ethics and Business Practices course, this one course should satisfy both NAR and the new continuing education component requirement,” says Meredith Caruso, Florida Realtors manager of member legal communications.

Schools or providers are urged to review the other rule changes as they also cover the course submission and approval process.