PRO Sponsoring St. Anthony’s Triathlon


PRO will be the Gold Sponsor for St. Anthony’s Triathlon in St. Petersburg this April 22-24. Our goal is two-fold: to improve public awareness of the role and value of REALTORS in all real property decisions, and to position REALTORS as the source of real estate information and data.

Triathlon is a 3 sport discipline where competitors swim, then transition to bike, then to run, all in the same event. Because of its prize purse, this race attracts many professional and Olympic triathletes. The St. Anthony’s Triathlon takes place in Downtown St. Petersburg, with the swim start on the beach just north of North Shore Pool, and finish line at Vinoy Park.

The race is in its 33rd year and reaches more than 10,000 athletes, volunteers and spectators. The event is operated by a not-for-profit organization and all proceeds from the race support the health-related programs and services of St. Anthony’s Hospital. The economic impact on the city of St. Petersburg is $4.7 million. PRO is proud to be a supporter of this great event!

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One thought on “PRO Sponsoring St. Anthony’s Triathlon

  1. This is an amazing event! I have been competing in St Anthony’s Triathlon for the past 14 years. Such a great impact on our local economy and wonderful worldwide exposure, as professional athletes from all over the globe come to St Anthony’s to compete.

    I am proud to be a returning competitor this season and especially proud to be a local REALTOR and PRO member as this is an exceptional opportunity for PRO exposure and local community involvement.

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