SavvyRecipe for Success™ #6: Win More Listings with Your SavvyCard for Agents Mobile Web App

Looking for a way to win more listings? SavvyCard Recipe for Success™ #6 will help you do just that, and make you more money in the process!

Ready? Then let’s go!

Why use SavvyCard to help win listings?
Winning listings is the key activity in making money in real estate. At its heart, real estate is a numbers game. The more people you reach out to, the more opportunities you have to set listing appointments. The more listing appointments you get, the more listings you win. The more listings you win, the more homes you sell. The more homes you sell, the more money you make. But it all comes back to winning listings!
Winning more listings is about reaching out to prospective sellers and then differentiating yourself; they want to know why they should list their home with you and how you are going to service them better than the competition.
Showing your prospective seller your SavvyCard for Agents™ and Property SavvyCards mobile web apps and then explaining how you’ll use them to market and sell their home demonstrates you are a technologically savvy agent with the right modern tools for helping them achieve their goals.

Follow these 4 simple steps to find more sellers and convince them to list with you:

1. The first step in winning listings is to reach out to new prospects and make listing appointments.
Share your SavvyCard to people who live in areas where you want to win listings. You can use a mail client like Mail Chimp or Constant Contact, with a link to your SavvyCard and include a message such as, “Contact me for a complimentary report on your home’s market value!” to reach out to new prospects. Check out this SavvyCard blog post for instructions on sharing your SavvyCard.






2. At your listing appointments, show your SavvyCard to your prospective seller and explain how you use your SavvyCard to sell homes faster by reaching more buyers.
Tell them all the different ways you share your SavvyCard to homebuyers: “I connect with more buyers because I share my SavvyCard by email and text to everyone I meet, and I share it through social media, reaching more potential clients through my friends and contacts.”

3. If you or your brokerage upgrade to SavvyCard for Agents™ Pro, you can show sample Property SavvyCards to your prospective seller and explain how you use Property SavvyCards to sell homes faster.
Tell them all the different ways you share your Property SavvyCards to homebuyers: “I use Property SavvyCards to share all my listings with potential buyers through email or text, on outdoor signage, in all my print advertising and through all my social media channels!”

4. You can purchase SavvyCodes™, and show how you have integrated them with traditional marketing channels.
Tell them all the different ways you use SavvyCodes to sell your listings faster: “I use SavvyCodes to share all my listings with potential buyers through all my advertising opportunities, such as outdoor signage, flyers and print advertising.”







That’s all there is to it! Once your prospective seller sees all you are going to do for them with SavvyCard, you have upped the chances they’ll decide to work with you instead of another agent or decide to sell their house now instead of the future. If you have any questions on this process, just reach out to our super-friendly Customer Advocates at (727) 502-6012 or text TRAINING to 72889 to schedule your FREE, one-to-one training.

You’re getting savvier by the day, my friend! Stay tuned for the next SavvyRecipe for Success coming your way soon.

Stay Savvy!-The SavvyCard Team

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