SavvyRecipe for Success™ #4: 3 Simple Tips for Getting Better Advertising Results

Today, we’re going to show you how to amp up your existing marketing efforts by incorporating your SavvyCard into your ads for better results!
Does this sound familiar?

You put an ad for your business in a local paper and you get a few calls, but nothing ends up in a sale. Maybe you get lucky and you pick up a new customer who does buy something, or maybe you get really lucky and you pick up a few. But then again, maybe you get nothing at all.

When advertising doesn’t live up to expectations, it’s because you’re not getting the right reader’s attention. To get their attention, your ad has to do a really good job of offering up fresh, distinctive, engaging content that makes you stand out from the crowd and makes your perfect customer think, “Wow, I NEED to work with this REALTOR®! S(he)’s got it going on!”

We’re here to help you do just that!

Use these 3 simple tips for getting better results from your advertising:

1.      Add your SavvyCard to your printed marketing pieces like newspaper ads, magazines ads, and your printed business cards by including the URL of your SavvyCard or it’s QR code in the artwork. Or if you have the SavvyCard for Agents Pro product, include your text back SavvyCode instead. Include text like “Use my mobile web app to search up-to-date listings and find your dream home – now!” or “Check out my Property Cards in the “Listing” button – I’ll create a web card just like those for your home, too when you work with me to list it!”

2.      Add your SavvyCard to your website and online ads by including your SavvyCard’s URL, QR Code or SavvyCode. Include directions like, “Bookmark this app to your phone so you have a full MLS search, my contact information and a wealth of other real estate information at your fingertips, always!’

3.      Add your SavvyCard to signs, posters and billboards by including your SavvyCard’s URL or SavvyCode. “Make me your pocket real estate professional. Just add me to your phone!”

You will “Wow” your prospects with the highly engaging visual quality of your SavvyCard, and provide them in an instant with everything they need to contact you and even search the MLS and request information from you on properties they like. Awesome!

Once you begin using these tips, you should notice an improvement in the engagement people have with your ads and marketing materials.

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