SavvyRecipe for Success™ #1: 4 Easy Tips for Getting More Referrals

Do you have a specific strategy in place to improve the number of Referrals you get?

In a recent study, over 80% of real estate customers said they’d refer their REALTOR® to a friend, but they don’t always have their REALTOR’s® contact info! That’s hard evidence personalized pens, magnets and cups just aren’t cutting it, right?

Luckily, sharing your SavvyCard® is an easy, no-cost way to make sure all your clients – past and present – have your contact info handy and can refer you when they need to.

4 Easy Tips For Getting More Referrals by Sharing Your SavvyCard:

1) Teach Your Customers How to Share It

Every time you get a new customer, share your SavvyCard with them and help them save it to their phone. Then, show them how to share it to other people. Ask them for referrals when they tell you how awesome you are – it’s the best time to act on their feelings of appreciation for you!

2) Share it When You Meet New People

Every time you meet somebody new, share your SavvyCard to them. Show them how to save it and share it, so they always have it and can share it to other people.

3) Share It to Your Social Media Accounts

At least 2-3x a week, post your SavvyCard to your social media accounts and invite people to share it to their networks. Provide good reasons for people to refer you: “Share my SavvyCard with friends who are wondering what their home is worth, and I’ll provide them a complimentary market analysis!”

4) Add It To Your Email Signature

Place a link to your SavvyCard in your email signature so people can easily access your SavvyCard to share to people they know, or so that your SavvyCard travels with your email if it’s forwarded to another person.

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Stay Savvy, my friend!