SavvyRecipe for Success™ #7: Protect Your Customer Relationships by Empowering Them

Why use SavvyCard® to Empower Your Customers?

Have you ever lost a client because they used a 3rd party app to search for properties and then called a different agent? Sometimes buyers, not understanding that all realtors have access to the MLS to search for homes, think that another source (like a competing brokerage, agent, or internet player like Zillow) might have “better” or additional homes for them to view.

Because searches done with your SavvyCard’s speedy and easy to use MLS search appends only YOUR contact information to ALL results, you can provide a better search experience for your customers and protect your relationship with them – at the same time!








Follow these 6 simple steps to empower your customers:

  1. Launch and share your SavvyCard with your customer.
    For a refresher, see Sharing your SavvyCard.
  2. Show your customer how to save your SavvyCard so they can always get to it quickly and easily.
    For a refresher, see Saving your SavvyCard.
  3. Show your customers how to find homes using the integrated MLS search.
    Be sure to point out the following key points in searching:

    • Only basic search criteria is shown by default; click the More button to see additional search criteria.
    • GPS search is the best way to find available homes in a neighborhood that catches their eye.
    • If you or your brokerage have upgraded to SavvyCard for Agents™ Pro, be sure to show them the difference between searching your featured listings and doing a full MLS search.

Show your customers how to request additional information or a showing on a selected property.
Your customers can request additional information or a showing of a property just by filling out and submitting the super short form at the bottom of any Listings Detail page.

Show your customers how to find service providers and affiliates that you recommend.
This gives them a reason to come back to you again and again in the future, even after your sale has closed, and strengthens your relationship over time. If you need assistance populating your Recommend button, reach out to our customer advocates at (727) 502-6012 for a quick lesson.

Finally, be sure to show your customers how to share your SavvyCard with their friends and acquaintances.
Once they see how powerful the tool you have provided them is, they will be eager to share it with their friends and anyone they meet who is thinking of buying or selling a home.











That’s all there is to it! Empowering your customer gives them the tools and knowledge they need to take control of their own home buying destiny, and secures your relationship with them.

Questions? Call Us!

If you have any questions, just reach out to our super-friendly customer advocates at (727) 502-6012 or text “training” to 72889. You’re getting savvier by the day, my friend! Stay tuned for the next SavvyRecipe for Success coming your way soon.

Stay Savvy!
-The SavvyCard Team

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