SavvyRecipe for Success #3 – Sell your Listings Faster

Ever had a listing take longer to sell than you thought it would?

Yeah, we’ve all been there.

But, have no fear! This week, we’re going to show you how to use your SavvyCard® For Agents mobile web app to successfully – and inexpensively – market your listings and sell them faster.

The best part? It’s easy, doesn’t take much time and helps get your business rocking!

Six Simple Steps for Selling Your Listings Faster:

  1. Share your Agent SavvyCard on all your social media accounts to get more exposure. Include pertinent listing information and directions on how to view the listing. For example: “Imagine yourself in this #waterfront #home #forsale in #Town #State. To find out more, open my SavvyCard, tap “Listings” and search for 123 Street, Town, State, 01234.”
  2. Reach more people by sharing your Agent SavvyCard via email and text to customers, coworkers, family and friends. Ask them to check out your listing and share it with people they think may be interested.
  3. Share your Agent SavvyCard to the people you refer business to most often so you can leverage their home buyer and real estate investor networks. These would be people like mortgage brokers, insurance representatives and home inspectors. Ask them to check out your listing and share your SavvyCard to anyone who might be interested.
  4. Share your Agent SavvyCard with the homeowner to reach their social networks. Show them how to search for their listing and tell them that if they share your SavvyCard to other people, especially on social media, the listing travels with it and gives their home more exposure to potential buyers.
  5. Make it easy for people to connect with you by using your Agent SavvyCard’s QR code or SavvyCode in advertising. Put the code in the body of emails, postcards, advertisements, signs and any other advertising you do for this property. Include directions like “Text [your SHORTCODE] to 22889 to contact me about this property!”
  6. Use your SavvyCard Analytics Dashboard to easily keep track of who shared your card and to whom, and be sure to follow up with people immediately. Thank those who referred you and introduce yourself to people who received your information so you can schedule showings.

    TIP: Users of SavvyCard for Agents Pro should share their Property SavvyCards instead of their Agent SavvyCards! This way, people don’t need to search the MLS to access all the property information and photos (to check out a sample Property SavvyCard, text HOME to 72889). Property SavvyCards are automatically created when you input the listing into the MLS, too.


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