How to get new leads through social media

Are you using Social Media to get new leads? If not, you should. As social media expert Sprout Social reported at the end of 2014:

  • Real estate content on social media generates the 2nd largest inbound engagement from users BUT …
  • … the response rate from owners of this real estate content to this inbound engagement ranks only 13th, which means that REALTOR®s are NOT taking advantage of the interest that’s out there!

If you don’t post real estate Social Media content on a regular basis, you’re missing out on a ton of business. So we’re here to help show you how you can use your SavvyCard® on social media to get new leads.











4 Content Tips for Generating Leads on Social Media

1) Share Your SavvyCards on Social Media Often

Post your Agent SavvyCard (and your Property SavvyCards if you have the upgraded Agents Pro product) to your social media pages at least 2-3x a week so people have an opportunity to engage with them.











2) Provide a Valuable Reason to Engage and Share

Give people a valuable reason to interact with and share them, like “If you or someone you know is curious about selling their home, share my SavvyCard with them so I can provide a complimentary market analysis,” or “Open House this Saturday! Use this Property SavvyCard to preview the property and get driving directions.”

3) Get Creative With Your Reasons And Fulfill Needs

Give different, valuable reasons to engage with your card each time you post it. For example:

  • Selling a home? Contact me for great advice on what to expect and what to avoid.
  • Buying a new home? Let me show you how to avoid the most common mistakes.
  • Before you make important real estate decisions, feel free to contact me so I can educate you on the market.
  • Looking for trustworthy service vendors? I have worked with many and only recommend the best. Contact me and I’ll refer you the vendors you need.
  • If you’re thinking about refinancing or are interested in a home equity line, contact me so I can walk you through what you should know to make the right decision.
  • Do you know everything a REALTOR is required to do for you by law? And what they can not? Contact me and I’ll educate you so you are protected the next time you buy or sell a home.
  • … and many more (you’re limited only by your creativity)!

Start Conversations

Conversations lead to trust, and trust leads to inbound referrals, so start conversations when you can. For example, ask people if they think their home has increased or decreased in value over the last 5 years. Once they answer, engage in a conversation and eventually offer to do a market analysis so they know for sure. Send them your SavvyCard so they can contact you and have your permanent contact info.

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Stay Savvy, my friend!

-Team SavvyCard