SavvyRecipes for Success™ #3: Sell your listings faster with your SavvyCard for Agents Mobile App

This week, we are going to show you how to use your SavvyCard For Agents™ Mobile Web App to successfully market your listings and close deals faster. You’ll be amazed how awesome your SavvyCard® is at helping you sell property. Ready? Then let’s go!

Watch successful REALTOR® Tom Scaglione discuss how he uses SavvyCard® for Agents to sell listings faster. (Tom’s Tips #6)







Follow these 6 simple steps to close your sales faster:


  1. Share your SavvyCard® and the information for the listing you want to sell on social media.
    When you share your SavvyCard, be sure to include pertinent listing information. For example: “Beautiful #real #estate #property #forsale in #[name of town] #[name of state]. Open my SavvyCard, tap “Listings” & search for [property address].”
  2. Share your SavvyCard, by email and text, to customers and coworkers who will find your listing interesting.
    Be sure to include directions for searching for the property using your SavvyCard’s Listings button.
  3. Share your SavvyCard to the people you refer business to most often.
    Share your SavvyCard to mortgage brokers, insurance representatives, home inspectors, etc., and ask them to check out your listing and then pass on your SavvyCard to anyone who might be interested. Again, be sure to include directions for searching for the property using your SavvyCard’s Listings button.
  4. Share your SavvyCard to the homeowner.
    There is no one as motivated for your listing to sell as the current owner. Be sure to tell them to share your SavvyCard and give them directions for searching for the property using the Listings button.
  5. Use your SavvyCard’s QR code (or purchase a SavvyCode™ Text Back Code) and use it in advertising.
    Put the code in the body of emails, postcards, advertisements, signs and any other advertising you do for this property. Include directions like “Text [your SHORTCODE] to 22889 to contact me about this property!” (For an example of how a shortcode works, text FINDCARD to 72889 and find your SavvyCard.)
  6. Use your SavvyCard Analytics Dashboard to follow up quickly with new leads.
    Keep track of who shared your card and to whom, and be sure to follow up with people immediately. Thank those who referred you, and introduce yourself to people who received your information. Be sure to tell potential customers you follow up with to save your SavvyCard for quick and easy access.

Users of SavvyCard for Agents Pro can also use their Property SavvyCards™ as a mobile Web site.

Instead of building a website for your listing, use the Property SavvyCard instead. You’ll save a ton of time and a ton of money. Link to it from all your correspondence and advertising and most importantly, share the Property SavvyCard (found via the “Featured Listings” section of your Listings button) via social media using the “Share” button on the Property SavvyCard.

Once you begin following this SavvyRecipe for Success, you will see that your listings are selling faster than ever!

Need Help?

We are there with you every step of the way with all the personalized support needed to get you up and running. We can show you how to: use QR codes, use property URLs, share your cards with clients and agents, and share Property SavvyCards instantaneously on the web, social media, referral and traditional advertising channels. For more information, just call our super-friendly customer advocates at (727) 502-6012.

Stay tuned for the next SavvyRecipe for Success coming your way soon. You’re getting savvier by the day, my friend!

Stay Savvy,

-Team SavvyCard