SavvyRecipes for Success #2: Get new leads by sharing through social media

Generating new leads through social media is not hard, but it does take some planning and a little bit of daily attention. Doing so can significantly up your chances of catching the attention of a wider range of potential clients. In this SavvyRecipe for Success™ we introduce a simple yet effective way to share your SavvyCard® and Property SavvyCards™ through social media.

Watch SavvyCard user and REALTOR® Tom Scaglione discuss the value of taking these steps to grow your business.

How To Share Your SavvyCard to Your Social Media Pages

Before we begin, make sure you are signed into the Social Media platforms to which you want to post. This will allow your SavvyCard to post your card to your social media page or account.

1. Open your SavvyCard or Property SavvyCard™ on your phone or other device. If you need help finding your SavvyCard, just give our super-friendly Customer Advocates a call at 727-502-6012.
2. Tap the Share button on your SavvyCard. Your SavvyCard displays a menu of different share options.
3.Tap Share by Social. Your SavvyCard displays a menu with icons for each of the most popular Social Media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+.
4.Tap the icon for the platform you want to use, fill out your message, and share to your social media platform. It’s that easy!







*SAVVY TIP: Follow these same steps when sharing your Property SavvyCards™ to your Social Media accounts.

Special Tips & Strategies for Generating Leads on Social Media

1. Post your SavvyCard or Property SavvyCard to your social media page at least twice a week.

2. Ask your friends and contacts to share it to people they know.

3. Don’t self-promote. Instead, offer something of value to people. For example, post “If you know someone who’s curious about the value of their home, share my SavvyCard with them. I can help them figure out what it’s worth.” Vs. “I provide Free Market Analyses!”

*SAVVY TIP: On occasion, it is ok to run a promotion and encourage people to share your card. Offer a reward, like an online gift card, to each person who shares your card to 10, 25 or 50 different people.

4.Give people a different reason to share your card each time you post. For example, in Post 1, ask people to share your card to people who need to sell their home; In Post 2, to people who want to buy a new home; In Post 3, to people who have questions about the market; In Post 4, to people who need to find trustworthy service vendors; In Post 5, to people who are wondering what their house is worth, etc. Get creative – just make sure you are providing value by fulfilling a need.

*SAVVY TIP: Start a conversation. For example, ask people what they think their house is worth. Once they answer, offer to do a market analysis for free so they know for sure and then send them your SavvyCard.

5.Use the analytics tools supplied by the social media company to see which of your posts are most popular, the demographics of the people who are responding, and when they are most likely to respond (day/time) and tailor your posts around these insights to get the most traction.

6. Check your Card Analytics to see how often people are sharing your card.

*SAVVY TIP: Ask people to share you SavvyCard by using the Share button on the SavvyCard, so it is stored in your Card Analytics database. Shares that are done on the social platform itself will not be recorded in your Card Analytics data.

Once you start sharing your SavvyCard on Social Media platforms on a regular basis, you’ll be pleasantly surprised when inquiries from your network and other people’s networks start rolling in. Like any tool, SavvyCard only works if you use it, so be sure to do so every day! As always, if you have questions, contact us!

Check out our next SavvyRecipe for Success™ coming soon!

In the meantime, Stay Savvy!

-Team SavvyCard