PRO’s Powerful New Mobile Marketing Tool, SavvyCard.

We all know that smartphone use has exploded in the last five years. According to the research firm Comscore, nearly half of all visits to real estate sites now come from mobile phones and tablets.

Obviously, mobile search is convenient for home buyers. The problem is that many mobile real estate sites don’t respect the buyer/REALTOR® relationship, and sometimes end up separating buyers from their REALTORS®.

That’s why PRO is excited to have SavvyCard as a member benefit. SavvyCard is a revolutionary mobile marketing tool, a mix of mobile website, referral system, and application platform that will help you directly connect with customers through their smartphones.

Your SavvyCard
Every PRO member now has their own SavvyCard. To find yours, use your phone or web browser to bring up, where you can use the ‘Members’ button to search for your own card.

Your SavvyCard includes a mobile MLS search that works just like Zillow’s. The difference is that the application is surrounded by your name and contact information, and directs all leads generated through searches back to you.

When you share your SavvyCard with new clients at your first meeting, they’ll be able to use your SavvyCard MLS search instead of Zillow or another application that takes you out of the equation.

Even better, your card has an easy “Share” button that lets anyone send your card to a friend, whether as part of a recommendation or to pass along your handy MLS search. And every time your SavvyCard is shared, you’ll receive a notification with information about who shared it and who received it.

Learn More
SavvyCard is a radically new way of marketing to customers on mobile, and over the coming weeks and months there will be trainings and seminars at PRO to help you learn how to use all of these features, and many more. SavvyCard is also constantly improving, and our partners there will be looking for your feedback to help make it better.

For more details, head to, or call (727) 502-6012 to sign up for an individual, one-on-one training session. We’ll also be featuring tips here every week to help you make the most of SavvyCard’s many features.