PROAdvocacy: Joe’s Advocacy Update

Here are a few important updates from Joe Farrell, PRO’s Director of Government Affairs:

PRO Recommends
Election Day for many municipalities across the country takes place in the Spring. Locally, we have 9 municipalities with contested elections set for March 12th. With that in mind the PRO Public Policy Committee screened three races in Seminole, Tarpon Springs.

In the Seminole City Council race we are proud to recommend Tom Barnhorn and Jim Quinn. Both gentleman are running for re-election, and thankfully so. They have a strong record of service. They favor increased economic development and would be open to a rollback of the millage rate should the housing market continue its positive growth.

In Tarpon Springs we recommend Tommy Frain. Young, but not new to public service, Tommy shows he is a friend to development. One of his campaign platforms is streamlining the onerous permitting process in Tarpon Springs. Tommy supports his community by being active in the Boys & Girls Club, the Pinellas County National Alliance for the Mentally Ill, and raising funds for Veterans and Cancer research.

In Oldsmar we recommend Gabby McGee. Another young, first time candidate, Gabby has a unique insight into the housing industry. Committed to the redevelopment of Oldsmar’s older neighborhoods, Gabby learned firsthand the challenges of rehabbing a foreclosed property. She also spend her free time developing site proposals in an effort to lure private companies to Oldsmar. She has a keen eye for economic development.

Great American Realtor Days – Rally in Tally
It’s that time of year again. Every spring the Florida Legislature gathers in Tallahassee for 60 days to pass the state budget and any other laws they see fit. Every year there are bills before the legislature that may affect Realtors, consumers, and the housing market. That is why we call on Realtors to come up to Tallahassee en masse and show the Legislature we mean business. This year we are having the Rally in Tally on April 10th. The more the merrier. Our goal is 4000 Realtors advocating for our industry . For more info you can contact me at 727-216-3029 or check out the Florida Realtor website at

Update: Mortgage Interest Deduction
This past week Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.), an influential member of Congress, spoke to a group of Realtors in DC. His message is that comprehensive tax reform is still on the table, and that Mortgage Interest Deduction (MID) is still a topic of discussion. Rep. Van Hollen personally vowed to “oppose any effort” to change or dismantle MID. Check out the NAR article that goes more in depth:

Feelin’ Lucky? Save the Date!
The Realtors Political Action Committee, or RPAC for short, is our way of supporting candidates for elected office who support our issues. So far RPAC fundraising is ahead of last year’s pace, but we still have a long way to go. Join us on April 27th for Casino Night at PRO. All proceeds will go towards RPAC. This is a great way to contribute to the strongest voice in Real Estate and have fun with you fellow members. For more information please contact Joe Farrell at