Pinellas Realtors Join My Florida Regional MLS

November 4, 2010

CLEARWATER, FL- The Pinellas Realtor Organization (PRO) has selected My Florida Regional MLS (MFRMLS) to be its exclusive provider of real estate listing and transaction data for its 5,200 members. The agreement, celebrated with a signing ceremony at the 2010 National Association of Realtors conference in New Orleans on November 4, 2010, will culminate with a complete merge of data in the Spring of 2011, transferring all listing data from PRO’s self-administered multiple listing service to the larger regional MLS.

My Florida Regional MLS, based in Orlando, is now a consortium of 14 shareholder Realtor associations throughout central and southwest Florida. The addition of PRO’s members will set a milestone and increase MFRMLS’s enrollment by 23% to a total of 34,000. PRO, based in Clearwater, will participate in policy, operational and fiscal oversight of MFRMLS as a shareholder.

“The Pinellas Realtor Organization is a very well-respected and well-run association. We are honored to have them join us and assist us in our growth,” says MFRMLS president Aaron Chandler. “As our numbers grow, we are better able to provide our members the latest and greatest tools to help them excel in real estate.”

The agreement will have a strategic advantage for PRO and MFRMLS, as both will enjoy a dramatic increase of listing inventory. Currently, PRO has a data share agreement with the Greater Tampa Association of Realtors (GTAR) which permits members from either association to see all Tampa Bay area listings without having to join both organizations. The unification will provide all members with the opportunity to expand their geographical expertise and improve their ability to compete in today’s real-time, Internet driven market. In addition, the added Pinellas County listings will expand MFRMLS’s contiguous counties to 12, improving its position as a regional multiple listing service.

The Pinellas Realtor Organization believes this step will bring a tremendous benefit to its members as well as to all the current members of MFRMLS by providing wider exposure for listings and strengthening members’ ability to have cutting edge tools and services in serving their clients and customers. “We have always had close ties to the associations in the Tampa Bay area market and this is a logical extension to be able to work more closely with the Manatee and Sarasota Counties’ market as well,” notes Ann Guiberson, president and chief executive officer of PRO. “This is a win-win for all.”

The addition of listings in Pinellas County will become visible to MFRMLS agents outside of the Tampa Bay area. “We’re excited to provide more listing information to our current members,” says Merri Jo Cowen, MFRMLS chief executive officer. “By extending our boundaries and membership base, everyone will benefit.”
PRO members will also enjoy the addition of new marketing and productivity tools as offered by MFRMLS. Statistical tools, virtual driving tours and a consumer-friendly website – – provide a breadth of ancillary products to their arsenal. MFRMLS’s strength-in-numbers concept allows the organization to offer many value-added tools.

The MLS technology platforms used by both organizations are very similar. PRO uses TEMPO and MFRMLS uses MLXchange, both developed and serviced by CoreLogic MarketLinx. Although not guaranteed to be glitch-free, transferring data from systems administered by the same developer will prove much easier than from those of competing systems. Integration of services and expansion of the MFRMLS organization is already underway.

About Pinellas Realtor Organization – The Pinellas Realtor Organization (PRO) represents 5,200 real estate professionals in Pinellas County. The association provides real estate information, forecasting and statistics, comprehensive educational programs and knowledge management tools, pro-active public and community initiatives, and business services to Realtors, appraisers, mortgage lenders, and others.  PRO is the voice of real estate in Pinellas County.

About My Florida Regional MLS – My Florida Regional MLS (MFRMLS) is Florida’s largest multiple listing service with approximately 34,000 subscribers in 11 Central and Southwest Florida counties. Now owned by 14 shareholder REALTOR® boards, MFRMLS offers a comprehensive suite of productivity and marketing tools to professionals in the real estate industry. To complement its core residential offerings, MFRMLS operates a commercial information exchange, called My Florida Commercial Real Estate, located at MFRMLS also operates a consumer home buyer website called For more information, visit  

John Weeden /
MFRMLS Marketing Manager

Ann Guiberson, President/CEO
Pinellas Realtor Organization

10 thoughts on “Pinellas Realtors Join My Florida Regional MLS

  1. Will my database info, i.e., my searches be transferred to Mfr/mls? I’m already a member of GTAR and SAR, but my primary has been PRO. I have over 2200 entries in this database and it will be devastating if not able to capture all that information. Thank you. Carol

    1. Carol and Tom,

      Custom searches and custom reports will not transfer over. We are meeting with My Florida MLS staff to determine what will be done to assist members with custom searches to make as smooth a transition as possible.

  2. It’s about time this happened! Wish it was sooner. I just transferred to Pro from MFR and the benefits of MFR MLS are a bit better even tho Pro has come a long way with many of the same features. Now if they can only do something with MFR’s tax records data not showing number of bedrooms & bathrooms in their tax data. At least PRO’s tax data did.

    This should mean that our MLS dues should be lowered with all of the additional members shouldn’t it? You would think that MFR’s dues would be very much lower with all the members thruout all the Counties it covers.

    There are still a lot that can be improved within a MLS search or data entry that can help us TREMENDOUSLY if only they would do a survey for us directly since we are the ones using it daily to find out.

  3. I share Carol’s concern about the transfer of saved clients and their associated searches. I hope to hear that a solution is at hand. If they don’t transfer, I won’t be happy.

    I haven’t read of any specific benefits to us, the Realtors for joining MFRMLS. I have no intention of doing business over 14 counties. Personally, I think we’ve had a good system in Tempo. What more is there to gain with MFRMLS?

  4. In you are doing this IN THE SEASON?
    Spring is the busiest time of the year and it is no fun at all to get used to a new software when your phone rings 24/7

    1. Ann,

      I believe that the timing had something to do with certain contracts that we had to give notice on in order to terminate now so that we could make the transition. Unfortunately, it will take several months to get the transition completed. We will do the best that we can and you can always contact PRO if you have any issues that arise. I do know that we are working to do our best to be able to provide the best training possible when the change does happen. We appreciate your patience!

  5. I am so excited about our venture into MFR MLS! The property listing exposure Pinellas will receive from the consumers will be phenominal – MFR’s marketing budget far exceeds what PRO could do on it’s own thus proving strength is truly in the numbers! With this changeover there may be some challenges down the pike, as well as plenty of confusion, some misinformation and resistance to change but when the dust settles, there will be a considerable benefit to all of the membership.
    One of the goals I have for 2011 is reaching out to the large and small Broker community. This conversion to MFR MLS now provides us an opportunity to get together and round table our concerns and issues. We are in the infancy of just starting a Broker Council Management Forum at PRO. If there is anyone that would be interested in joining this Council, please let me know ( or contact David Bennett at PRO. It’s time to work together and to raise our level of professionalism. We have strength in our numbers as well!!!

  6. I hope the new system has a RENTALS section. I hope the new system has LIST HUB. And finally I agree with Ann the dues should go way down spreading the cost between 34000 not 5200.

    1. William,

      The new system will have Rentals, but I am currently unsure about ListHub. I will definitely let you know as soon as that is worked out.

      As for dues, MLS fees will remain about the same as they are now. In spite of the larger pool of members, all the vendor contracts are based on a per member/per month charge. PRO was able to negotiate good vendor contracts that allowed the MLS to maintain close to the same rates as MFRMLS. Further MFRMLS has a much bigger help desk and maintains a separate accounting and management staff whereas the PRO MLS shared those expenses with the association. In addition PRO was able to provide a rebate to MLS participants for the past several years. MFRMLS does not provide a rebate for renewing members.

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